21/08/2013 at 19:19
World Muslimah Beauty Pageant 2013
(Photo Courtesy: MISSOSOLOGY)

World Muslimah Foundation is a non-government organization to strengthen Muslim Women self development & character to become Smart and Stylish.

Gender issues in Muslim women now receive more attention than in the past but need to promote wisely to fully participate in the development process of qualitative change in the lives of Muslim women between the values and modernism.

World Muslimah Foundation (WMF) is a friendly Muslim women’s organization provides a conceptual model and specific techniques that guide the sisterhood among Muslim become more communicate and fun in ways that will enhance understanding of Islam and encourage members to be confident to find their essential skills.

Founded in 2011, WMF has emphasis to deliver effective ways to reduce poverty and creating better generation primarily on the core issues of educations, empowerment & appreciation.

The first edition of World Muslimah Beauty started on 2012, Nina Septiani of Indonesia was crowned as the first World Muslimah Beauty.

The grand finale of World Muslimah Beauty 2013 will be held in Jakarta, on September 18th. 20 finalists will compete for the crown.
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